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Workout Tips For the Coronavirus Epidemic: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Germs in the Gym

If you’re worried about getting the novel coronavirus every time you see another human being, don’t worry — you’re not alone. As cities across the world have taken extreme measures to curb human contact — either to avoid an outbreak or desperately contain one already raging out of control — many people are themselves how […]

Workout Tips: Best Cardio Machines To Use To Speed Up Weight Loss

Achieving a fit and healthy body require regular exercise. If you want to speed up weight loss with the help of exercise machines, like cardio workout equipment, you also need more discipline, diet modifications, and other lifestyle changes to ensure consistent results. Cardio exercises refer to rhythmic activities that raise the heart rate into a […]

The Only Equipment You Need for a Solid Shelter-at-Home Workout – SFGate

    The Only Equipment You Need for a Solid Shelter-at-Home Workout With gyms and boutique fitness studios temporarily shuttered due to the coronavirus, people are having to get their fitness on in the comfort of their own home. Good news: It’s a membership-free situation that gives you the flexibility to work out whenever you […]

Immunity booster vs COVID-19: Turmeric-ginger-garlic tea | Inquirer Lifestyle

Dr. Christine Gonzalez is one of the many who are fighting COVID-19 from the front lines. From her I’ve learned valuable lessons on wellness. While on active duty, she sent me this message: “All the blessings! Together with God’s grace, we can win this fight against COVID-19.” This is possible, she said, if we continue […]

5 Essential Yoga Tips for Chronic Illness Warriors

Yoga has amazing healing power that’s available to anyone willing to try. I began my practice in 2011 after my dystonia diagnosis and over time it has transformed my physical and emotional health. Yoga is an excellent way for patients with chronic illness to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually. (Note I’m not claiming a cure!) […]

Why Travel Agents Think You Should Buy Plane Tickets Now—But Travel Later | Reader’s Digest

If you’ve been logging more hours on the couch than you’re used to, put that time to good use with some vacation planning. Just because you’re housebound right now doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing your post-pandemic life. We will all need a tropical getaway (and a plane cocktail or two) once life gets back […]

Top 5 Home Workout Tips by Anjuli Mack – Healthy HKG (Hong Kong)

Here at HealthyHKG, we’re huge fans of Auckland-based personal trainer, Anjuli Mack (@anjuli_fitforlife on IG), who helps people around the world reach their fitness goals through her personalised fitness plans! With her positive energy and impressive personal transformation story, Anjuli is all about spreading body positivity and empowering people to get moving—and enjoy the journey […]

Workout Tips to Try Before You Get to the Gym That Will Set You Up for Success | SELF

The key is paying attention to how your eating strategies affect your own workouts and, if necessary, tweaking them to see whether that makes you feel any better. “The main problem I see with preworkout nutrition is people trying to follow generic recommendations without paying attention to how their body responds,” Andrews says. “A piece […]